Here is a trip planning guide to Bryce Canyon National Park with a list of important things to know before visiting the park, along with interesting facts and history about the popular tourist destination located in the state of Utah.

History of Bryce Canyon

  • The following American Indian groups have ties to the Bryce Canyon Area: Southern Paiute, Ute, Goshute, Navajo and Hopi.
  • In the 1880s, Mormon settlers came from the north.
  • In 1887, Ebenezer Bryce came with his family, built roads, then left for Arizona in 1880.

Interesting Facts about Bryce Canyon National Park

  • Bryce Canyon has the largest hoodoo collection in the world.
  • After millions of years of natural erosion, Hoodoos were formed into a variety of chiseled shapes.
  • Hoodoos display a variety of colours due to different mineral deposits.
  • The Hoodoos are made mostly of limestone, along with other rock types. When formed together, they are known as the Claron Formation.
  • Hoodoos can stand as tall as 150 feet or as small as 5 feet.
  • You can see 7,500 stars on a clear moonless night, more than other rural areas.
  • On a clear day standing on the south rim of Bryce Canyon, you can see 100 miles to the Grand Canyon.

Things to know before visiting to Bryce Canyon National Park

  • The annual Pass for access to all US National Parks is $80 and valid for one full year.
  • The annual Pass for Bryce Canyon only – $35
  • Rock climbing is illegal and dangerous.
  • A free shuttle service runs from spring to fall, departing every 15 minutes.
  • Ranger talks and seasonal stargazing are available.
  • Full moon hikes in winter are available though a lottery system.
  • There are several day hikes available in the park. Read our list about 5 easy to moderate hikes in Bryce Canyon.
  • Overnight hiking and camping in the backcountry requires a permit.
  • Park elevations reach over 9,115 feet (over 2774 meters) Oxygen levels can be reduced to about 70% of normal.
  • Daily temperatures can vary up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit between daytime and night.
  • There is a year-round danger of lightning. Summer thunderstorms in July and August are the most dangerous. If a storm is brewing, seek shelter immediately in your vehicle or a building.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash.
  • Here is a complete list of maps to download before heading to the park.

Plan your visit to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Check the current weather conditions. In winter some areas of the park are closed. Be sure to carry plenty of water and wear appropriate footwear with good traction and support if you plan to hike.

Wildlife in Bryce Canyon National Park

Many birds and animals can be found in the park. Here are a few to watch for: Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Pronghorn (the world’s second fastest animal so you are not likely to see it), Peregrine Falcons, hummingbirds. Here is a checklist provided by the national park.

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