Looking for fresh fruit to buy or pick? This handy guide will help you find the best summer berries in Metro Vancouver. The Fraser Valley’s rich fertile soils produce an abundance of juicy, delicious fresh berries from June through to September.

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Berries can be bought by the basket, by the flat or you can pick your own. U-pick has changed, if you plan to pick your own berries, find out about the container policy before you go. Many ask that you bring your own bucket.

Before heading out to any of the Fraser Valley berry farms, call ahead to confirm pricing, hours of operation, and quantities of fresh berries available.mBerries can be ordered in advance from some of the farms.

If you plan to U-Pick check to see if you need to book your time slot online.

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When is Berry Season in Metro Vancouver?

Berry season runs from mid-May until the middle of September. Summer berry harvest times are subject to change as Mother Nature can be unpredictable.

Berry harvest schedule for B.C.

Depending on the weather these are the approximate time fresh fruit is available:

  • Strawberries – Two crops – June and then late July to August.
  • Raspberries –  End of June to until beginning of August.
  • Blueberries – July through September.
  • Blackberries – Middle of July through to August.
  • Black current – July 10-30.
  • Red current – June through July.
  • Tayberry – About four weeks, mid July to mid August.
  • Boysenberry – Middle of July until August
  • Gojoy berries – July

What berries are grown in BC?

Strawberry Season

Strawberry season runs from June 5 to June 30, and then again in late July with a second crop. Taves Family Farms in Abbotsford is growing a new variety of strawberry available for picking from June through to September.

Delicious strawberries have been growing in the Fraser Valley for more than 30 years by about 48 different farms.

Find out more about BC strawberries.

It's strawberry season in the Fraser Valley. Here are the best places to buy strawberries in Metro Vancouver.

It’s strawberry season in the Fraser Valley. A bowl of fresh ripe strawberries is a delicious treat anytime. Photo Credit: Jill Wellington, Pixaby

Raspberry Season

Raspberry season usually starts around June 20th and finishes near the end of July.

When conditions are ideal, farms in the Fraser Valley will yield more than 12 million kilograms of raspberries.

Raspberry season in the Fraser Valley

Fresh raspberries can be bought at many Metro Vancouver farms.

Boysenberry Season

Boysenberry season happens between July 15 to August 1.

A boysenberry is deep maroon in colour. This delicate fruit has a very short season.

When is Boysenberry season

A boysenberry looks similar to a blackberry. The fruit is more delicate.

Tayberry Season

Tayberry season last about a month, usually from the middle of June until the middle of July.

The Tayberries originally came from the Tay River area of Scotland. This berry is sweeter than a raspberry.

Black Currant Season

Harvest time for black currants is around July 1 – July 15.

Red Currant Season

The red currant season is from late June to late July.

Delicious red currants in the Fraser Valley

Delicious red currants in the Fraser Valley.

Blackberry Season

Look for blackberries starting in July until the end of August.

Blackberry season in Metro Vancouver.

Blackberry season in Metro Vancouver.

Blueberry Season

Blueberries were first grown in British Columbia in 1920s. The Fraser Valley has been growing this berry for more than 40 years.

The Fraser Valley is one of the world’s best producers of this heart-healthy fruit from July through to September.

In 2019, BC produced 86,000 tonnes (190 million pounds) of highbush blueberries.

Learn more about what to look for when buying fresh Blueberries.

Where to buy fresh blueberries.

The Fraser Valley offers a great selection of fresh delicious blueberries.

Blueberry season in Metro Vancouver.

Blueberry season in Metro Vancouver. Photo Credit: Jill Wellington, Pixaby

Blueberry season in Metro Vancouver.

A baby enjoys eating healthy fresh BC Blueberries in Metro Vancouver. Photo Credit: Wendy Nordvik-Carr©

Health Benefits of Eating Summer Berries

Berries pack a powerful dose of healthy nutrients and are low in calories.

Health Benefits of Gojis Berry

Gojis berries are a “superfood”. Each berry is packed with a healthy dose of antioxidants, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.

Native to Asia, this nightshade plant is in the same family as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants.

These berries are available in July, at Taves Family Farms.

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries are just 55 calories for one cup. They are rich in antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C.

Strawberries are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Throw strawberries into smoothies, make a salsa for grilled halibut, add them to salads, or turn them into jam.

Here is a great source for many delicious recipes using this fruit from the BC Strawberry Council.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Scientific research shows blueberries rank the highest for health benefits. The berry is known as the top super food. One cup of these berries is only 80 calories.

The blueberry has been found to be an important antioxidant and has potent anti-inflammatory benefits to help fight against cancer, brain diseases, cardiovascular illness, and diabetes.

This plump tasty berry can be added to appetizers, salads, beverages, muffins, and deserts. Look for more blueberry recipe ideas here from the BC Blueberry Council.

The health benefits of eating berries.

Try a variety of ways to increase the health benefits of eating berries. Photo Credit: Rita E, Pixaby

Where to buy the best berries in Metro Vancouver


Arjuna Berry Farms/Arjuna Fruit Stand – Strawberries and Raspberries

Arjuna Berry farms is a family operated farm. The fruit stand is open from June through September from 10 am until 6 pm. Strawberries are ready as of June 6th, but the season is short.

Location: 2320 Huntingdon Road, Abbotsford

For more information: 604-556-9055 or visit the website: Arjuna Berry Farms

Bumble Berry Farms – Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries, and Rhubarb!

Bumble Berry Farms has been in operation since 1969.

The farm offers fresh fruit usually 7 days a week. Check the website or call before heading out in case they are sold out for the day. The strawberry season opened June 3 and rhubarb is ready too!

Frozen berry sales run from October – May.

Location: 31580 Huntington Road, Abbotsford (near the Abbotsford Airport)

For more information: 604-835-3416 or visit the website: Bumble Berry Farms

Taves Family Farms – Strawberries and Gojoy Berries

New this year, Taves Family Farms has farm-fresh strawberries for the U-pick season. They are offering two different berries, Rainier, and a fairly new sweet firm variety, called Albion. Albion has a long season, producing strawberries from June through the fall.

In July, Gojis berries are ready for U-pick.

As the season progresses, watch for the Sunflower Patch, usually open August until September. In the fall, Taves Family Farms is a favourite pumpkin patch experience, along with apple picking. The entire farm is open starting September 1, 2023. The Corn Maze opens around September 10, 2023 and the Pumpkin Patch opens the last weekend in September until October 31, 2023.

Check out our last visit to Taves Family Farms Applebarn.

Be sure to check out Taves Estate Cidery when you visit the farm. Remember to book a tasting. New this year is the cider based cocktail tasting flights.
Check to see which activities are available.
Location: 333 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC
email: info@tavesfamilyfarms.com
Phone: 604-853-3108
Website: https://www.tavesfamilyfarms.com/rates/

Maan Farms – Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Award-winning Berry Wines

Mann Farms is a family affair that started with their first roadside stand in 1982. The 80-acre farm prides itself in supporting sustainable, cost-effective, and ethical farming practices.

Maan Farms is one of the best places to buy fresh berries in the Fraser Valley

Maan Farms is one of the Fraser Valley farms offering fresh berries.

There is a Country Market to buy fresh produce and you can pick your own during berry season.

The Market is open 7 days a week from 9 am – 5 pm and the U-pick is open from 10 am – 3 pm, depending on availability. Spots are limited and must be booked in advance.

Try their Chocolate Strawberry Tarts, perfect with a glass of our Strawberry Rhubarb Wine.
Both are available for purchase on their website and in store.

Location: 790 McKenzie Road, Abbotsford, BC

For more information: 604-864-5723 or visit the website: www.maanfarms.com

Neufeld Berry Barn and Market – Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries

The Neufeld family has been farming in the Fraser Valley for more than 40 years. The market sells their own freshly picked berries and vegetables along with produce from other local farmers.

You will also find homemade pickles, jams, and a variety of tempting items including ice cream and baked goods.

Neufeld’s is open from 9 am – 6 pm Monday through Saturday.

Location: 32215 King Road, Abbotsford

For more information: 604-859-0484 or visit the website: Neufeld Berry Barn

Willems Berry Farm – Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries

Willems Berry Farm has been growing berries since 1983.

Pick your own fruit or buy ready picked fresh or frozen. Check online to see when the fruit is ready. Some days the field closes to let fruit ripen if fruit get picked quickly.

Location: 33736 Vye Road, Abbotsford

For more information: 604-864-1149 or visit the website Willems Berry Farm


Didar Berry Farm – Blueberries

Didar Berry Farm sits on the rich, fertile land of Burns Bog. Burns Bog was the first area in B.C. to start growing blueberries in the 1920s.

No u-pick. Sales only. If you order 200 lbs or more, berries can be delivered to most areas of the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Location: 5580 104th Street, Delta

For more information: 778-888-4399 or visit the website: https://www.didarberryfarms.com/

Delta – Westham Island

Make it a day trip and explore historic Westham Island and the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, one of Canada’s best bird-watching spots.

Drive over one of the oldest bridges in BC as you enter onto the island.

Emma Lea Farms – Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Tayberries, Blackberries and Black Currants

Emma Lea Farms has operated since 1885 and provides U-Pick and ready picked berries.

The Stand Store offers farm fresh produce, honey, pickles, jams, flowers and certified natural beef. Enjoy ice cream and baked goods at the Ice Cream Shop.

Location: 2727 Westham Island Road, Delta

Call for an updated list of produce available 604-946-8216 or visit the website: Emma Lea Farms

It's berry season in the Fraser Valley. Here is a guide to where to buy fresh berries in Metro Vancouver

It’s berry season in the Fraser Valley. Look for juicy raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries


Rai’s Colebrook Farming – Blueberries

The Rai family has been farming in Surrey for more than 20 years producing high quality, hand-picked blueberries.

Location: 14176 Colebrook Road, Surrey

For more information: 604-599-3516 or visit the website: https://www.raiscolebrookfarming.com/

Surrey Farms – Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries

The family run business of Surrey Farms started growing on 10 acres in 1989. Over time the farm expanded to more than 300 acres.

U-pick fields and farm-fresh berries along with other local fruits and vegetables are available.

Two Locations: 4981 King George Blvd, Surrey for strawberries and raspberries and 5180 152 Street, Surrey for blueberries and strawberries

For more information: 604-574-1390 or visit the website: Surrey Farms


Driediger Farms – Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Red Currants and Blackberries

Driediger Farms has been operating since 1964.

The market is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

U-pick fields are heavily monitored and social distancing measures are in place.

Curbside pickup is still an option if you call ahead with an order. The playground and picnic tables are available for use.

Plans are being made for more family summer activities.

Location: 23823-72nd Avenue, Langley

For more information: 604-888-1665 or visit the website: http://driedigerfarms.com

Where to buy fresh berries in Metro Vancouver

These are fresh berries picked at Driediger Farms Farms in Langley, BC. Photo: Driediger Farms.

Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery

Krause Berry Farms is open 7 days a week from 9 am – 5 pm during the summer months. From September through May the farm is open with seasonal hours.

The market and bakery are open and there are lots of special events. Shop for pre-packaged bakery goods, fresh/frozen berries, frozen pies, meals, preserves, and home and garden giftware.

U-Pick fields are open but personal containers are no longer accepted. Purchase a container at the U-pick booth. Everyone over two must have a container.

View from the road of Krause Berry farm Langley. One of the top places to find summer berries in Metro Vancouver.

View from the road of Krause Berry farm Langley. One of the top places to find summer berries in Metro Vancouver.

The fresh hot Waffle Bar is open all year. During the summer months, toppings change with the season.

Enjoy fresh summer berries at Krause Berry Farm. Strawberry waffles at Krause Berry Farms are now available for Drive-thru.

Enjoy fresh summer berries on waffles during the month of June at Krause Berry Farm.

​Estate Winery is open daily and tastings are available as well as cocktails and picnic boxes. The  Sparkling Strawberry, Oaked Apple, Raspberry Dessert, Eureka and Blackberry Portoe have all been certified QCW.

Location: 6179  248th Street, Langley BC

For more information: 604-856-5757 or visit the website: www.krauseberryfarms.com

If we have missed your favourite place to buy fresh berries in the Fraser Valley please let us know in the comments below.

Other B.C. Farm Fresh Harvest Dates to Note:

  • Corn – July through to mid September.
  • Pickling Cucumbers – July through August.
  • Apricots – July 20 to mid August
  • Cherries – July thru August
  • Peaches – End of July to September
  • Pears – August 15 until the end of September
  • Squash – August through October
  • Pumpkins – End of September until end of October. Find your favourite pumpkin patch here

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Berry Season: Where to buy the best summer berries in Metro Vancouver