There are several Christmas tree farms near Vancouver where you can select and cut your own tree. There is nothing like the aroma of a fresh Christmas tree. It fills the home with a warm, welcoming, sweet smell of a forest.

Christmas Tree Shortage

Buy your Christmas tree early. There is expected to be a Christmas tree shortage in 2021 due to the extensive flooding in the Fraser Valley and the summer’s heatwave.

Getting trees from the farm to retailers may be difficult because of highway closures.

Before visiting any of the locations listed below check to see if they still have a good selection of Christmas trees available. The farms will close when stock is low.

Christmas Tree Farms near Vancouver

Enjoy a farm-fresh outing while making cherished family memories with a visit to one of the many Christmas trees farms in the Fraser Valley.

Farms offer a selection of U-Cut, fresh cut and live Christmas trees. Some are cash only.

There will be lots of great photo opportunities.

You are encouraged to bring your own handsaw if you plan to U-Cut. If you don’t have one, sanitized handsaws will be supplied. Axes and power saws are not allowed.

Dress warmly in layers. Good waterproof footwear, such as boots, should be worn along with winter gloves, hats, scarves and coats. Leave pets at home. Follow COVID-9 safety guidelines and wear masks indoors.

Try to avoid peak hours on weekends between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Christmas tree farms will be open while supplies last.

Professional photography is not allowed without advanced reservations.

Can’t make it to a Christmas tree farm? There are several of options for selecting just the right tree at the pop up locations below.

If we have left off one of your favourite spots let us know in the comments below.

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Langley Christmas Tree Farms

Aldor Acres Christmas Trees – opens November 26, 2022

Activities: Select a Christmas tree, visit the seasonal market and see the farm animals display.
Dates: November 26 – December 18, 2022.  Weekdays: 10 am -7 pm,  Weekends: 9 am to 5 pm. Admission: $5 per person. Credit Cards accepted.
Location: 8249-252 Street, Langley
Email: info@aldoracreschristmastrees.
Phone: 604-888-4483
Website: Aldor Acres Christmas Trees

Dogwood Christmas Tree Farm – opens November 27, 2021

Activities: Dogwood Christmas Tree Farm has been providing trees for more than 50 years. Select a Christmas tree to cut from the 18-acre farm or pick up fresh holly, boughs, and wreathes. The Snack Shack is closed for 2021.
Dates: Opens November 27, 2021. Weekday and weekends:  9 am – 4 pm. The season is expected to be short due to tree shortages brought on by the summer’s heatwave.
Location: 8589 252 Street, Fort Langley
Phone: 604-888-9161
Website: Dogwood Christmas Tree Farm

Frosty’s Christmas Tree Farm – opens November 27, 2021

Activities: Enjoy the festive ambience, listen to Christmas carols and pick out a Christmas tree.
Hours: Opens November 27, 2021.  U-Cut: 9 am – 4:30 pm; Fresh Cut: 9 am – 7:30 pm. Cash only.
Location: 24488 52nd Avenue, Langley
Website: Frosty’s Christmas Tree Farm

Oh Christmas Tree Farm

Activities: The Oh Christmas Tree Farm has been growing craft trees for more than 45 years. Select a Christmas tree to cut from the 17-acre farm. Bow saws, wagons and twine are provided.
Dates: Weekday and weekends:  9 am – 4 pm. Cash only.
Location: 21858 Maxwell Crescent, Langley
Phone: 604-805-5052
Website: Oh Christmas Tree Farm

Maple Ridge Christmas Tree Farms

Murphy’s Christmas Tree Farm and Orchard

Activities: Enjoy the outdoors. Sip on a hot chocolate or traditional hot apple cider made from their orchard’s apples. Pick up jams and jellies, honey, Russian garlic and Alpaca wool in the gift shop. School tours are available
Dates: Opens December 1, 2021. Pre-cut only on weekdays:  1 – 5 pm. U-cut only available on weekends: 9 am – 5 pm.
Location: 5377 124 Avenue, Maple Ridge
Phone: 604-479-0187
Website: Murphy’s Christmas Tree Farm

Chilliwack Christmas Tree Farms

Pine Meadows Christmas Tree Farm

Activities: The Loewen family have owned and operated the farm and nursery since 1970. They offer a variety of pine, fir and spruce trees on 14 acres. Complimentary hot chocolate and candy canes are offered in the warming room. They sell tree stands and offer freshly cut trees or U-cut
Dates: Open daily until December 23, 2021 from 9 am – 6 pm.
Location: 47036 Prairie Central Road, Chilliwack, 3 km east of Cottonwood Mall.
Phone: 604-793-3090
Website: Pine Meadows Christmas Tree Farm

Vancouver Christmas Tree Lots

Aunt Leah’s Christmas Tree Lots

Activities: Christmas tree sales help fund programs to help youth in care and moms in need. For 25 years Aunt Leah’s has raised more than $600,000 from the profits of Christmas tree sales.
Dates: Open daily from November 25 until sold out.
Vancouver: St. Stephen’s United Church at 54th and Granville St, 7025 Granville St, Monday – Wednesday, 10 am – 8 pm.Thursday – Sunday, 10 am – 9 pm.
Burnaby: All Saints Anglican Church at Royal Oak and Rumble, 7405 Royal Oak Avenue. Monday – Thursday 1 – 8 pm, Friday and Saturday 10 am – 8 pm.
Coquitlam: Eagle Ridge United Church at 2813 Glen Dr, Monday – Thursday, 1 – 8 pm. Friday – Sunday, 10 am – 8 pm.
Phone: 604-793-3090
Website: Aunt Leah’s Christmas Tree Lots

How to Choose the Best Christmas Tree

  • Bring a measuring tape. Don’t buy a tree too big for your space. The tree should be at least 12 inches shorter than the height of your ceiling.
  • Make sure the size of the tree trunk will fit into the stand.
  • Think of how your decorations will look on it. If the branches are too close together it may be hard to decorate.
  • Does the tree look healthy? If it is losing needles already, walk away.

Types of Christmas Trees available near Vancouver

  • Norwegian Spruce branches have vibrant green needles and are often a Christmas favourite.
  • Douglas Fir is one of the most popular tress. It produces a sweet mild fragrance. The blue, green needles are soft, round. The tree is pyramidal in shape.
  • Blue Spruce is a wider symmetrical shaped tree with branches ranging in colour from green to blue.
  • Noble Fir trees have open stiff strong branches to hold large heavy decorations. The needles are coloured in shades of greyish green on top and whitish blue on the bottom.
  • Fraser Fir trees are fragrant and perfect for tighter spaces because if its naturally slender shape. It is known for the greatest needle retention out of all the Christmas trees offered. The soft needles are dark blue on top and silver blue on the bottom.

How to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh

Follow these simple steps to keep a Christmas tree fresh for the month of December.

  • The first step is to choose a healthy tree.
  • If you can’t set the tree up right away, store it outside in a protected area with the trunk submerged in a bucket of water.
  • Trim about 1/2 inch from the tree trunk before setting it in a tree stand that can hold at least one gallon or 4 litres of water.
  • Keep the Christmas tree well hydrated to prevent it from losing needles. Every morning check to make sure the trunk is in at least two inches of fresh water.
  • Some people like to add sugar to the water or a capful of Miracle-Gro® but this is not necessary.
  • Keep the tree away from direct sources of heat, like a fireplace or heat vent.

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