We have put together our best travel gear guide for 2022 for items we use and take on every trip.

These are our top picks for travel gear. We choose items that are dependable and good quality with great reviews.

We have found all the items listed below essential and helpful. Our best travel gear for 2022 may be more than you need, but it works for us.

We are heavy on camera equipment and electronics so we can maintain this travel website.

All of the items we purchase have been researched thoroughly. They must be durable, lightweight and useful.

Reliable gear can be expensive, but should last many years.

We do not camp or go on long treks over mountains for several days. These items meet our needs.

We hope this list will be a useful guide for you.

Best travel gear for 2022

We like to keep warm, dry and comfortable while travelling, but use items that are versatile. We always dress in layers.

I take a pair of Cole Hann ballerina flats to dress up a little. These do not work well on cobblestones at all but our Keens sure do.

COVID-19 N95 face masks, baby wipes or antibacterial hand wipes are essential, as well as travel baggies (large and small) and fabric wash.

The Icebreaker tank top is my favourite item of clothing. I could wear it every day, on its own or as a base layer.

I need to buy a few more of these in different colours. It keeps you warm and blocks icy winds.

For night hiking and reading take along a Petzl Tikkina Headlamp.

Remember to bring along compact waterproof binoculars. These are a must to spot wildlife and birds.

And don’t forget luggage tracker for suitcases in case they go missing and an Anker portable phone charger that is compatible with your phone.

These are my must bring items:

Icebreaker Merino wool – hat, gloves, two different weights of long sleeve thermal cold weather base layer T-shirts, two undershirts, wool neck buff and two pairs of socks.

IceBreaker Merino is super lightweight, soft, non-itchy, non-clammy, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and has a miraculous ability to resist odor.

If fact, they can be worn for days, if necessary, which certainly cuts down on packing. These wool items can be thrown into the washer with no problem at all.

Helly Hansen windproof, waterproof jacket. Be very careful when buying a ‘waterproof piece of clothing’! Does it say fully waterproof or it is actually water resistant? Water resistant is not waterproof.

Merrell Moab waterproof hiking shoe is sturdy, slip proof, comfortable and has great reviews. I feel confident walking in all types of terrain with these.

Keens sports sandal and casual closed toe sandal

The casual closed toe sandals can be dressed up or down. I get so many complements on this sandal. I have even used these to hike in.

I have them in two different colours.

The sports sandal is waterproof and great for water activities like kayaking or walks along the beach.

Columbia Women’s Minx Shorty III Cold Weather

This short cold weather boot is very comfortable to walk in and has great traction. They keep my feet nice and warm and are rated for -25F/-32c.

They are waterproof and breathable. I have had mine for four years and they are still in good shape.

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We have bought and used all the products we link to via Amazon. We have been satisfied with these items, but it is our opinion only.

We do not offer any warranties or promises on the performance of any of these items.

Best travel gear 2022

Electronic – Top Travel Gear 2022

We travel with both an iPad and a MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is a must for uploading the day’s images. If I have time I will edit on the spot, then post.

Two travel power adapters would be helpful when travelling outside North America, along with an extra power pack for your phone.

The Garmin pays for itself in one trip. We use it all the time when we rent a car for a road trip.

Portable speakers are wonderful to use after a long day. If you are lucky, wherever you are staying will have a fire pit or a gas powered fireplace where you can sit and relax with a bottle of wine.

When travelling with kids we always take along the Fire HD Kids Edition to keep them busy on the road.

Camera Equipment – Photography Top Travel Gear 2022

We use three cameras and 2 cell phones with good cameras and we have added a DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo.

  • Canon 7D Mark ll with two lens and assorted accessories – We are currently looking for a new camera. Check back later.
  • GoPro Hero with accessories
  • Canon Powershot G7X.

All of these cameras produce high quality images and video.

For extra storage, we also take two external portable hard drives, 4 compact flash cards, six SD cards that will work with the two Canon cameras and two micro SD cards for the GoPro and the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo.

An SD card reader for the computer is also a must.

Extra batteries for each camera, plus the appropriate battery chargers, ensure that you are always ready for that perfect picture.

We also take external microphones, tripods and an external flash.

We take a computer and other electronic equipment listed separately (above). It is really important not to loose any cables for the equipment.

Finally, a camera lens cleaning kit and a plastic rain cover for the camera is a must. The camera lens must always be kept clean.

Travelling with babies or children – Best Travel Gear for 2022

Keeping babies and children safe and comfortable while on a road trip is important. We bought two of these Graco children’s car seats, because they have one of the highest ratings.

To keep the kids busy and entertained on road trips, during dinner or waiting in a line we makes sure to have two Fire HD Kids Edition.

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